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MyMentalCoach The Most Comprehensive ‘Fully-Digital’ Mental Training Program
Every Month, Player Gets

4 Mental Training Sessions + Weekly Mental Practice Plan + Practical Mental Exercises + 4 Mental Assignments

“Every talent counts” – A 2 min video by Dr Swaroop Savanur

Self Discipline

Reduce distractions, steps to control mobile usage, manage time, balance study and sports, develop right habits

Psychological Skills

Specific practical steps to become confident and apply in the game

Mental Skills

Specific exercises to increase mind power, using visualization, relaxation and other techniques

Mental Toughness

Steps and strategies to be mentally tough, manage anger, control thoughts and emotions

Values Development

Develop right values, create right attitudes, manage failures, respect parents and elders

Dr Swaroop

Dr Swaroop Savanur

– Founder, MyMentalCoach

I hate to see great talent get wasted and go out of the game because of lack of Mental Training. I want young players to get the best opportunity to express their skills, be confident, enjoy the fight and reach their highest potential.


Dr Swaroop Savanur is one of India’s most experienced Mental Conditioning Coaches. He started his work in Brain Science in 2004 and has since worked with thousands of athletes.

Dr Swaroop Savanur, Mental and Performance Coach: Milestones

  • Indian Football Team for India’s first ever FIFA World Cup appearance
  • BCCI’s National Cricket Academy at Bengaluru
  • Vidarbha Ranji Team as well as their U19, U23, Women’s Teams for 3 years
  • Olympic Athletes including Many of India’s top Athletes preparing for Tokyo Olympics 2021
  • Elite Senior and Budding Athletes across India for Tennis, Cricket, Golf, Badminton players
All India Football Fedaration
Board of Control for Cricket in India
Punjab Kings
Vidarbh cricket acadamy
National cricket acadamy

Swaroop Sir helped me manage my anxiety and built my confidence which helped me win the Commonwealth Gold in 2018

Ekta Bhyan

World No 5 – Paraathlete

Mental Conditioning with Swaroop Sir has helped me to be clear in my mind, enhance my level of performance… perform at higher level tournaments with confidence

Ankita Raina

India No 1 – Tennis player

Mental Coaching with Swaroop Sir was the reason I went from being India no 12 to India No 1 within 8 months!

Rohan Dholepatil

India No 1 Pro – Amateur Golfer

I was about to quit Tennis, but after 1 ½ years Mental Coaching with Swaroop Sir, I started winning titles and qualified for the Junior Australian Open

Salsa Aher

India No 1 U18 – Tennis Player

Mental Coaching with Swaroop Sir helped me win India’s first Gold Medal in 25 years!

Sunil Kumar

India No 1 and World No 4 – Wrestler

MyMentalCoach Your Trusted Mental Training partner

The greatest joy is to see athletes play freely and fearlessly in their matches, absorb the pressure and play confidently, irrespective of the result.

Have a Quick Look – Unique features of MyMentalCoach

MyMentalCoach provides weekly mental training support, using digital sessions, practical mental exercises and proven mental toughness strategies, at very reasonable costs, to help them grow holistically.

After all, the joy on a player’s face after a tough match is the greatest prize we ever want.

It’s time to Play free. It’s time to Become Fearless.

How MyMentalCoach sessions are helping budding athletes In Players Actual Words

14 yr old Tennis player, Baroda

I am seeing positive changes just in the first month as I feel that when I start my season, I will feel less nervous as we worked on fear of failure and goals. I am focused on my 3 month goals, that I created in my assignments.

13 yr old Cricket player, Melbourne(Aus)

I feel much more calm and in control of my game. All of my energy is directed towards achieving one thing only. More focused in my game and less distracted. I am enjoying Swaroop Sir’s weekly video sessions. IT’S FUN!!

16 yr old Cricket player, Pune

I feel really disciplined and free minded after the distractions assignment. It was difficult somedays, but in the end, I kept pushing myself to do the right disciplined work. Controlling my distractions has increased my confidence.

18 yr old Golf player, Bengaluru

It is helping me to have a clear mindset and is helping me in my decision making. I partially feel relaxed with my workload and positive during my training sessions and am able to push myself to give my 100% in all aspects of my game.

Players Actual Assignments Snapshots

Designed for a Growing Athlete

Designed for a Growing Athlete

Designed with a growing athlete in mind, to ensure that the players are able to apply the mental strategies in their game and keep improving from it

Time Bound

Time Bound

Sessions are time bound and engaging, sufficient to hold their attention without wasting too much time

Brain Based Learning

Brain Based Learning

Entire learning is experiential, practical based and on the understanding of how the brain of an developing child works

Weekly Integrated Session Plans

Weekly Integrated Session Plans

Continuous mental training sessions, will help better integration along with Technical and Physical training to ensure faster learning

Application for Studies

Application for Studies

Studies are equally important. Sessions are designed such that the Mental Strategies can be also applied to studies



Downloading apps is not necessary. All you need is a Internet, Email Account and Smartphone/Computer