MyMentalCoach – Mental training at the right age – The Growing Age

Build the right habits. Develop a healthy attitude.

Manage mobile distractions. Build concentration.

Learn to be confident. Enhance will power.

Absorb the pressure, enjoy the fight.


Recommended for budding athletes, who want some personalised sessions!

Personalised Starter Plan

Customised plan for Teen Athletes

Personalised Starter Mental Plan
All Personalised plans require review and proper planning along with one on One Assessment to develop a Mental Training Plan directed towards results that the player wants.
All sessions are always taken by Dr Swaroop himself. Dr Swaroop does not have any assistants who will take sessions, whether working with teen or senior athletes.

  • One on One Sessions with Dr Swaroop
  • Digital Mental Training Sessions
  • Sports Parent Mental Training
  • Periodic Player Assessment and Report
  • Holistic Mental Development
  • Study-Sports Balancing for success in both

WHAT RESULTS TO EXPECT "Player will have clear understanding of how his mind works and which challenges require to be worked on immediately. Clear Goals are established. Player will start seeing positive changes within 1 month of starting training and in 3 months, player will start seeing more success and results. Focus is on a long term plan while reaching the short term goals and getting the right results, in the right time and with the right approach."

Recommended for advanced budding athletes or who prefer only personalized sessions and senior athletes

Advanced Plan


*Above mentioned plan prices are excluding government taxes.

Player Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

At first, I thought, Swaroop Sir coaches such top level Olympians and top cricketers, will he be really available for my budding teen athlete? But he is! His combined digital training sessions are no different from his Live Sessions! Thanks,Sir, for your energy, enthusiasm and passion that you show and the change you have made in my son and in our lives!

Dr Vinay Hiremath

Sports Parent, of 16 yr old budding cricketer, Bengaluru

When I look back at my child's journey, I thank God that we started Mental Training with Swaroop Sir, when she was 16 yrs old, or, I know, today, she would have quit tennis! Swaroop Sir acted as a perfect bridge between me, my child and the coach and that helped us so much. She is so happy, relaxed and plays with such confidence now.

Tejaswini Aher

Mother of 18 yr old Tennis player and India No 1, Salsa Aher

I don't understand why sports parents don't start Mental Training on time! You spend 40-50,000 on one tournament, 25-30,000 on coaching per month, but find it difficult to spend 7-10K per month on Mental training' - that part of the game, without which the entire money can go to waste. It's sad to see such talent disappear only because of lack of mental toughness in their matches.

Parag Aher

Sports Parent

The Covid pandemic had made my son lazy, there was too much mobile usage and he was not doing his training properly. Cannot believe, within 1 month of starting MyMentalCoach Sessions, he is sure of his goals, he has kept his mobile away and has got back showing good focus. But, the best part is, and more importantly for his mother - our fighting at home has reduced!

Mr Rishi Mirchandani

Sports Parent of 14 yr old tennis player, Mumbai