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MyMentalCoach Session Content

What is MyMentalCoach?

MyMentalCoach has been started by Dr Swaroop Savanur, one of India’s most experienced Mental and Performance Coaches with over 15 years of experience.

Through his years, he has been pained to see, so many talented teen athletes leave the sport, just because they were unable to express their talent consistently and get those critical results they want, most of times because of lack of Mental Training. It is the vision of Dr Swaroop , that no talent gets wasted. And that’s the reason, MyMentalCoach can bridge the gap using Digital Technology as an enabler. MyMentalCoach desires to provide Mental and Performance Training to teen athletes at very reasonable costs, so they can start to play free, become fearless and fight hard in their game and get the results they want.

How does the Digitised Starter plan work?

Every week, the player will receive an email notification, once the digital session is uploaded. The player clicks on it to go inside the MyMentalCoach Program. Here, the player will view the video, complete any assignments, submit assessments and ask any questions through the chat. Its as simple as using Whatsapp! The best part is, App is available but downloading an App is not necessary!

What will I get every month in the Mental Training Program?

Very month, a player will get a systematic Mental Training Plan:

4 Digital sessions + Weekly Practice Plan + 4 Assignments to complete and submit + Practical Mental Exercises + Periodic Assessments every 3 months

MyMentalCoach has designed the program that will suit all kinds of learners. The first are digitized sessions with subtitles. Also, player can repeat the sessions to understand it more. To ensure that the player has understood, there are assignments that the player has to complete and submit. There will weekly homework on the Mental Training that is given. Finally, there is actual practical training on exactly how to apply the learnings in their game with specific strategies and techniques.

What is the actual methodology that is followed in MyMentalCoach Programs?

MyMentalCoach follows the Brain based experiential methodology, which is considered the best for learning new and complex things, like Mental Training. Also, there is a systematic approach in which the sessions progress through the month, to ensure that any type of learner can grasp them in their own way.

Does Dr Swaroop conduct the sessions or his assistants?

Experience cannot be transferred. Thus, Dr Swaroop has consciously, not employed any assistants to conduct any of the sessions. All the sessions, including the digitized and personalized sessions are conducted only by him. For Dr Swaroop, every athlete is important – whether a senior Olympic athlete or a budding teen athlete!

What if I want to ask a question to Dr Swaroop , although I have chosen the digital plan?

If you have chosen a Starter Plan, which has digitized video sessions only, you can still send an email to drswaroopsavanur@mymentalcoach.in. You will get a reply directly from Dr Swaroop and if necessary, he will set up a video call with you, at no extra cost!

A player is of course connected through the program with Dr Swaroop and can easily ask questions through chats.

Are there any personalised sessions?

For One on One live Sessions with Dr Swaroop, you can choose either the Personalized Starter Plan or the Customized Plan. In fact, the Personalized Starter Plans are available at very special rates, but they are also limited in number.

Are digitised sessions as effective as personalised sessions?

The Digitized sessions have been created with the same feel as a Live One on One Session! They are as engaging, fun, and using language, which is simple to understand.

Of course, these sessions are not taken by assistants, but provided by Dr Swaroop himself, so you can be assured, that the player is getting Mental Training from one of the best Mental Coaches and that too, when they can access these sessions anytime, anywhere and are repeatable, it becomes a Big Advantage.

Yes, personalized sessions are required, but not necessary at the initial stage of a developing athlete.

MyMentalCoach Plans

Do I need to start with personalised sessions directly?

Not needed. If this is the first time the athlete will be starting mental training and/or if you are between the age of 11 to 18 years, no need to go for the Personalized plans, which naturally cost more. You can easily start with the Starter plan and you will surely see a lot of positive changes in the game at very low costs and without any personalized sessions. After about a couple of years and/or if the player starts playing at a more higher level, of course, personalized sessions will be required.

Which is the ideal plan to choose?

The ideal minimum plan you should choose is 6 months at least. Please understand, Mental Training takes time to develop and is also very complex. Children take time to develop and learn, just as it takes time for technical Training and Physical Training. Even One on One sessions , if taken sometimes are of no use. The Ideal best plan is the 1 year plan, provided at very low costs also, which is also the best integrated plan, so player can develop all aspects of the game in a methodical manner.

Is it possible to easily upgrade from one plan to another?

Yes, once your chosen plan is completing, you can upgrade to a new plan. It is better to upgrade before your earlier plan expires, so we can integrate the new sessions into the upgraded plan and the player does not lose the learning flow.

MyMentalCoach Results

What are the changes I can expect after starting Mental Training?

You will see a lot of changes. Many changes of the Mind are subjective in nature. Players will talk more positively about their game, they will feel more confident, they will talk more with the parents regarding the game, they will understand how their mind works more better. These are the first signs of change. Then, player will start playing well and confidently using the taught techniques. Player will learn to fight hard, play more freely and come back from failures faster and succeed more and become more consistent.

How can I measure the success of Mental Coaching?

One are subjective changes which you can observe in the player and also the player will start talking differently, his body language will be different and that will reflect in the game. Also, we will be conducting Periodic Assessments to measure the changes and a report will be created and provided to you. Of course, finally, are the changes in the results that the player will be able to see. Being patient and following the process is the key.

Are results guaranteed?

If the player follows the plan exactly the way it is given, you will surely see guaranteed results. Dr Swaroop is providing all the experience of 15+ years, working with top athletes, through these digitized sessions to developing teen athletes.

It is the desire of Dr Swaroop to see developing athletes get early success. That is a critical key for them to make it as a career option. The sessions are designed to give the athlete the best chance to express their potential using Mental Training and get those results they want.

MyMentalCoach Pricing

How do I know whether the investment that I am making is reasonable, as has been said in the website?

Even from a cost point of view, MyMentalCoach is the most cost effective Mental Training Program anywhere in the country, considering that these sessions are provided directly by one of India's most experienced Mental and Performance Coaches.

As a calculation, A Single One on One Session normally costs Rs 1500-3000/- . Even if you take 2 sessions a month , it will cost you min Rs 4500 a month. Also, there is a break in between the two sessions. At MyMentalCoach, you are getting 4 Sessions a month + Assessments + Weekly Plan + Assignments + Practical Mental Exercises, all of this for avg cost of Rs 2800/- month! And most importantly, a player can repeat the session, because it is on video, whenever they want, in the course of the plan.