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Dr Swaroop Savanur

Dr Swaroop Savanur, Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance Coach

My vision is to ensure that every player, who comes to me, succeeds and excels in his game and in his life. Period. That's my focus, that's my joy.

Dr Swaroop Savanur, the Founder of MyMentalCoach is one of India's most experienced Mental and Performance Coaches with over 15 + years of experience across various team and individual sports.

He is a doctor turned Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance Coach, who empowers elite athletes with psychological and mental skills to be confident, perform under pressure, learn the steps to be mentally tough and in peak performance, increase their mental strength and help them express their full potential, when it matters.

Influenced by the 2000' Kargil war and the Sydney Olympics Debacle in 2001, he studied and implemented a Grass Roots Development Sports program in 2003, conducting 500 Football matches in Pune, under the name Future Vision Sports. Christened by this experience, he went to Switzerland to do a Diploma in EEG and Brain Conditioning, where he learnt and fell in love with the study of the brain.

Being a player himself in his college days and armed with his learnings of Indian Sports, he naturally gravitated towards 'harnessing the power of the brain for sporting excellence'.

Career Milestones

Vidarbha Ranji Team

Dr Swaroop was appointed the Mental Conditioning Coach of the Vidarbha Ranji Team from 2013-16, for a period of 3 years that included India level players like Umesh Yadav, S.Badrinath, Faiz Fazal and Wasim Jaffer. He also worked with their U19, U23 and Women's teams.

Till 2013, Vidarbha's best seasons were 1970-71 and 1995–96, when it reached the quarter-finals of the Ranji Trophy. They were known to succumb under pressure. Totals of 80 all out were common. No one took the team seriously.

Within 3 years, Vidarbha Ranji Team topped the standings in all formats of the game(A Ranji record) and in 2016-17 season, won the Ranji trophy for the first ever time!

Indian Football Team for FIFA World Cup

Dr Swaroop Savanur was appointed Mental Conditioning Coach for the Indian Football Team for one of the most prestigious and India's first ever FIFA World Cup tournament.

Apart from working with a Foreign Coach, players came from completely diverse cultural and ocio-economic backgrounds who had to play under extreme high pressure, playing in front of 40,000 strong crowd, when they had never played in front of even 400 people. The players were hailed in the media over their never say die spirit and attitude.

India players at the National Cricket Academy:

Dr Swaroop Savanur has been working with India’s top cricket players from 2019 at BCCI’s National Cricket Academy at Bengaluru, headed by Rahul Dravid.

He regularly conducts team and one on one sessions with India level players across various age groups.

Every individual is different, his personality, life experience, age, genetics all make him and his mind extremely unique.

Ankita Raina

Trained India No1 Tennis Player Ankita Raina who was ranked World no 270 and now is 180 in 2016-17, in her difficult year, which helped her in maintaining her India No 1 Ranking, and also been able to – in her words - "become more positive, confident, clear in her mind and has helped her perform at the higher level tournaments"

Achantha Sharath Kamal

Working with India No 1 Table Tennis Legend and Three Time Olympian 35 yr old Achantha Sharath Kamal for Mental and Performance Training to help him win the Olympic medal at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.Within 2 months of starting Mental Training, Sharath won the Oman Open, his first Gold Medal after a gap of 10 years.

Sunil Kumar

Working with India No 1 and World No 4, Sunil Kumar, 23 yr old wrestler from Haryana for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.After 3 months of Mental Training, Sunil Kumar won Gold in Greco-Roman category for the first time by an Indian after a 27 year wait at the Asian Championships. He attributed his win to Mental Training.

Swapnil Singh

Worked with Baroda Ranji and IPL cricketer Swapnil Singh, over last 4 years. We have seen some great results with Swapnil. I especially worked on his batting for the Mushtaq Ali T20 in the last 2 years, especially on "Being Clear in your Mind at the Crease" and "Mental Approach to Six Hitting" with lots of work in Mental Nets Sessions as well as In Class Sessions. Also, helped him identify his 'Variation Triggers' to quickly access his bowling variations, whenever he chose to.

Faiz Fazal

Faiz Fazal, a very technically sound opener for Vidarbha Ranji was finding it difficult to score beyond a certain level and lacked consistency. Helped him understand his ‘Zero Position’ – how to access being clear in the mind at the time of batting – provided specific strategies in the nets, which he was able to use very effectively. Helped him become the top scorer for his team and has not looked back since. He became Captain of the Ranji Team.

Rishabh Tiwari

Worked with Rishabh Tiwari, Chattisgarh Ranji Player for T20 Mushtaq Ali in 2018. He was a opener. Helped him identify how he needed to approach his batting as an opener and play in a relaxed manner with specific Pre Shot Mental Routines. That year, Rishabh became the best batsman of the tournament, becoming No 1 batsman after the completion of the league stage scoring 364 runs in 10 matches with a S.R of 143.

Rohan Dholepatil

Rohan Dholepatil, a Pro-amatuer Golfer was unable to turn Pro, beause he was unable to come in Top 10. For over 3 years, Rohan was either 12 or 15th rank and was getting frustrated. After starting Mental Training , within 8 months, Rohan became India No 1 and is on his way to become Pro. The work entailed In-Class as well as On Court sessions on the Greens.

Salsa Aher

Trained a lot of other budding and elite athletes including Training Tennis Pros in the Junior Circuit for u-14 to U – 18 players like India No 1 Salsa Aher, 3rd Seed Richa Chougule, India Top 5 seeded Rutuja Chaphalkar, India No 1 U-16 Madhwin Kamath, among many others.


Swaroop Sir helped me manage my anxiety and built my confidence which helped me win the Commonwealth Gold in 2018

Ekta Bhyan


Mental Conditioning with Swaroop Sir has helped me to be clear in my mind, enhance my level of performance… perform at higher level tournaments with confidence

Ankita Raina

India No 1 - Tennis player

Mental Coaching with Swaroop Sir was the reason I went from being India no 12 to India No 1 within 8 months!

Rohan Dholepatil

India No 1 Pro - Amateur Golfer

I was about to quit Tennis, but after 1 ½ years Mental Coaching with Swaroop Sir, I started winning titles and qualified for the Junior Australian Open

Salsa Aher

India No 1 U18 - Tennis Player

Mental Coaching with Swaroop Sir helped me win India’s first Gold Medal in 25 years!

Sunil Kumar

India No 1 and World No 4 - Wrestler

I was struggling to get runs from 2016-17. In 2018, I was on te verge of getting dropped from the team. With Swaroop Sir's Performance Coaching, I became highest run getter in T20 Mushtaq Ali Cricket Tournament

Rishabh Tiwari

Chattisgarh Opening Batsman

Swaroop Sir has helped me become very consistent in my game

Jaishnav Shinde

Budding Elite Teen Tennis Player

I have started winning more tournaments. I think I can remain in this game now and has helped me make the right career choice in my 10th std

Radhika Mahajan

Tennis Player