Why is a Mindset Assessment neccessary?

Today, athletes might be the most athletic and technically trained ever, but without the Right mindset, an athlete can’t go too far.

But, it is also true, that it is very difficult to assess the mindset, because there are so many factors that affect it. Sometimes, its pressure, other times motivation, sometimes they are distracted and other times, it's confidence.

As performance plateaus, the player and parents start getting worried about the future, and by the age of 16-18 years, unfortunately, most of the time, players finally stop playing competitively, getting back into academics.

"Research shows 70-90% of athletes get out of competitive sport by the age of 16-18 yrs".

Even senior athletes who reach a certain level, plateau and cannot take their game to the next level and do not know why they are unable to play consistently.

Thus, A Comprehensive Mindset Assessment is very critical to help players, parents and coaches identify and understand, what are the mental and performance challenges, and create a plan to work on them.

"Only when you know your challenges, can you start working on them"

Dr. Swaroop Savanur, Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance Coach

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Dr Swaroop is one of India's most experienced and leading Mental Conditioning and Peak Performance Coaches and a Senior Sports Psychology consultant

He has a vast experience of more than 18+ years in the sports industry and started working with athletes, when sports psychology was still in the early stages. He went to Switzerland in 2003 to learn the science of Mental Conditioning and since then, has worked with thousands of athletes across various sports and age groups.

He has worked with international athletes from various countries including England, Australia, West Indies in cricket as well as worked with senior elite athletes including Olympians to help them with Mental and Peak Performance strategies.

To know more about his work, go to www.mymentalcoach.in

Working for over 18 years in the field of Mental Coaching, I have realized that there are primarily, 6 key Psychological and Mental Factors that affect performance and each factor affects the other, making it very difficult to understand, which particular factor is the cause of low performances.






Self Discipline

By understanding how much of these factors is creating a problem, players can start working on their mental challenges before the problem becomes worse.

"Timing is everything in sports! The window for success in sports is limited and thus, the earlier the players get that insight about their mental challenges and find answers to those mental aspects of the game, the more consistent they will become and the more success they will start getting."

What does the '6 in 1' Mental and Psychological Assessment contain?

How is Each Factor Scored?

Each factor is scored on a simple to understand 'Percentage' scale

Every factor is measured, based on the form filled by the athlete using the Google Forms sheet.

Analysis of every factor with personalised insights

Personalized insights and suggestions are given in the report by Dr Swaroop Savanur, creator of the 6 in 1 Assessment, to help the athlete reach his full potential.

Mindset Training

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How much does the 6-1 Assessment cost?

As you may be aware, a psychological Assessment of even One Factor costs anywhere between Rs 1500 - 3000/-.

The '6 in 1' Assessment Report is the most cost effective and affordable Psychological Assessment for athletes, because it measures 6 FACTOR IN A SINGLE ASSESSMENT!

Also, it includes all the necessary mental and psychological areas that an athlete needs to understand, and also provides integrated steps to work on them in a systematic manner.

The 6 in 1 Mental and Psychological Assessment includes

  • Analysis of 6 Factors in a Single Assessment
  • Understanding of the Mental and Performance challenges of the athlete
  • Scoring, Interpretation and Strategies to improve on each factors
  • Free access to Dr Swaroop's Mental Training Workshop for Sports Parents

Rs 4000/-
ONLY Rs 2950/-
( 18% GST extra )
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Get your Report Right Away!

What are the steps to take the Assessment?

How will a players and parents benefit?


This report will be a very useful tool for Pplayers and Parents to get an insight into the mental state of the athlete in a single report and at a single glance.


Players and Parents will be able to make certain changes at home to help their child, based on the recommendations given in the report.


Junior budding Athlete will get the much required support at home which will allow the child to become more happy and relaxed.


Parents will be able to have a more better communication with the child because of better understanding of the child's challenges. A more relaxed child at home will make parents less worried.


Players can take the services of a Sports Psychologist/Mental Conditioning Coach at the right time, before the challenges become severe and start succeeding in competitions under pressure.

This Assessment is useful for athletes across all sports and for age groups 12 yrs and above.

Lets work together to help you / your child become a better person, player and competitor with the right values, right motivations, right goals and self discipline.
Get the success YOU deserve!